Note: The original taotedev.com (now maintained at taotedev.wordpress.com ) is accomplishing my first notion of what this site would be. The author (I don’t see his name on the site, so I won’t divulge it here) is going through the verses of the Tao Te Ching and modifying them a bit to apply to a developer’s work. In his own words:

There’s a lot of good wisdom in this book, and as such a bunch of people have used it (and other texts) for a basis on how to live life. I can’t blame them. It’s a good idea. But it’s clear to me that Lao Tzu (or whoever originally wrote this stuff down) wasn’t trying to tell us how to live life. They were trying to tell us how to develop software.

If that idea strikes you as brilliant (it must, as I thought of it too), take some time to read these developer gems at taotedev.wordpress.com.

About TaoTeDev.com

One of my many labels is Software Developer. I have others you might be interested in…like Jeff. Maybe that one doesn’t interest you. No worries.

Much of what I’ll write about here concerns the letting go of those labels. But even if we can manage that at some point, the labels are still there (but let’s not get too deep into that yet).

I started this site with the notion that what we learn about our true self can also help us in our daily work life. That’s what I hope to accomplish, even if I seem to get into the weeds on occasion.

I have worked as a developer for about twenty years. I hope that in some of the posts and conversations here I can help those who are new or are just starting their development career.

But this isn’t your typical “how to be a developer” site. The content here will focus more on things that might help you with the soft skills of development: kindness, empathy, positive communication, and ethical behavior.

Please contact me with any questions or topic ideas. I might not have the answers you’re looking for. But I’ll likely have more questions to help you sort things out on your own.